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Connecting generators, consumers and storage facilities to the markets

Smart & efficient energy trading 

Efficient energy trading through smart aggregation

e2m is an independent power trading company managing and optimising dynamic portfolios of generators, consumers, suppliers and grid operators.

With its Virtual Power Plant and 24/7 trading team, e2m is able to bundle power and flexibility from both decentralised generation and consumption systems and to market these in real time around the clock. e2m's systems can both control plants remotely via schedules and provide all types of reserve services. 

Services for our customers:

e2m is one of the most versatile direct marketers in Germany

Through the combination of technical and energy-industry know-how, e2m is providing access to the short-term trading and reserve energy markets while also delivering cost savings and additional revenue possibilities.

Based on the company’s own ISO certified infrastructure and its extensive portfolio with a bundled generation capacity of more than 3,185 MW, e2m is one of the biggest direct marketers in Germany. 

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