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Forward-looking and marketing perspective

New business models for the Austrian market

Austria: Innovative drive for the energy turnaround

Against the backdrop of declining margins, producers and suppliers in Austria also face the challenge of efficiently organising their core business and developing new business models.

With direct marketing of power also in profitable short-term markets, control energy and flexibility marketing as well as portfolio management, we offer producers, such as small-scale hydropower plants and utility companies, a broad range of products and services with a forward-looking and marketing perspective.

Our products for the Austrian market

  • Market access
  • Electricity trading including Intraday-trading
  • Marketing of flexibility (through VPP)
  • Balancing services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Demand Side Management
  • Marketing of certificates of origin
  • tüv rheinland
  • bdew
  • dlg
  • biogas
  • watt 2.0