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Solutions for Belgian and Dutch grids under pressure

Power market at a “crossroads”

Belgium and the Netherlands: The hub for Central Western European electricity distribution

At the centre of western Europe, the Benelux energy markets are both electrical and evolutionary “crossroads”. Electrically, with interconnection projects set to grow steadily over the coming years, Belgium and the Netherlands will be the hub of Central Western Europe electricity distribution - with MWh volumes transiting in all directions - depending on the production of renewables in all neighbouring regions.

Integration of renewables

We can also speak of a “crossroads” in terms of market evolution: With the growing integration of renewables (like the offshore wind tenders) and the European integration of balancing services, both Belgian and Dutch grids are facing increasing pressure and are, thus, developing innovative approaches to tackle future uncertainties at the lowest possible cost.

Trading, control power and technological experience

In these markets, e2m’s trading, control power and technological experience make it an ideal partner to offer a range of bankable, revenue optimised solutions that take advantage of the opportunities presented for asset owners and flexible consumers. Our robust and proven virtual power plant technology, with over 4,500 technical units connected and many years of operation, our complete understanding of the value chain as well as the depth of experience, provide you with unequalled security that your assets, revenues and costs are in safe hands.

Our products in Belgium and The Netherlands

  • Renewable balancing (PPA)
  • Market optimisation of flexibility (through VPP)
  • Frequency and reserve balancing services (through VPP)
  • Intraday optimisation
  • Portfolio management
  • Full and partial charging/measuring arrangements
  • tüv rheinland
  • bdew
  • dlg
  • biogas
  • watt 2.0