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Energy Market Italy

A boom in renewables

Italy: Profitably marketing renewable power

Driving the renewables boom in Italy

With generous public incentives, Italy has experienced a real boom in the generation of power from renewables. Virtual power plants (VVP) are consequently playing a central role in mastering the integration of These fluctuating energy systems into the power system. Active trading and efficient management of generation, storage and consumption portfolios with the help of a VPP promise increased revenue as against compensation by the GSE (Ritiro Dedicato scheme).

The Italian TSO Terna is promoting the first pilot projects to bring renewable production and consumption into the balancing energy markets to integrate the volatile and decentralised technical units into the energy system. 

Our solutions for a growing market

Therefore it now makes sense to use a partner like e2m, with a proven Virtual Power Plant technology, access to all relevant markets, and experience in connecting all kinds of generation and consumption assets to unlock the potential of these new revenue opportunities. As a leading independent aggregator with more than 4,500 connected technical units, e2m enables the decentralised generators, consumers and storage facilities to take part in trading and balancing energy markets and, as a trader, it profitably markets the power for these groups.

Operating from Bolzano, e2m commercio di energia S.r.l. was founded in 2015. 

Our products

  • Market access: dispatching and scheduling on GME markets and with Terna
  • Electricity trading
  • Marketing of flexibility (through VPP)
  • Balancing services - be prepared for the future developments
  • Intraday trading
  • Portfolio management
  • tüv rheinland
  • bdew
  • dlg
  • biogas
  • watt 2.0