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Opening new energy opportunities

Finland as gateway to the Nordic power market

Finland as gateway to the Nordics

Striving to generate at least 50% of their total power consumption with renewable energies by 2020, Finland has already set a new production record for renewable energy at 40 percent of total end consumption in 2016. With new supply capacity coming on stream, more frequency-controlled reserve capacity is needed and electrical exchanges are introducing new products to allow trading closer to delivery. The focus is also increasingly on flexibility and demand side management.

This is where trading companies and providers of balancing energy like e2m with proven and well operating Virtual Power Plants are opening new opportunities for all sizes of old and new generators, batteries and consumption units so they can participate fully in the markets. As a leading independent aggregator with more than 3,500 connected plants, e2m can draw on many years of experience in plant monitoring and in marketing.

Our aims for the Nordic Market

As provider of innovative solutions for the commerce and industry sector as well as private households to harmonise portfolios of production, consumption and prosumption units regardless of whether these are PV plants, electrical vehicles or water boilers, we want to be the leading reserve and balancing energy innovator in Finland and the Nordpool area. 

Our products

  • Market access through VPP
  • Balancing energy and frequency control markets (aFRR, mFRR, FCR-N and FCR-D)
  • Marketing of flexibility
  • Portfolio management
  • Forecasting / production plan / scheduled electricity production
  • Demand Side Management
  • Partner services for sub-aggregator companies
  • IT Services
  • White label services including VPP infrastructure


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