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e2m in the UK

A market in redesign

UK: Smart, connected and low carbon

UK: Poised for Change

The UK is responding to the dramatic and positive changes in our energy systems with confidence and ambition. The government and OFGEM (Office of Gas and Electricity markets) are consistently researching and investing in the opportunities that the new energy world offers (read more about it here). 

In brief, the future for energy in the UK is:

  • SMART: Ready to realise the potential of consistently evolving technology
  • CONNECTED: Collaborating with stakeholders throughout the network
  • LOW CARBON: Investing in a cleaner future
  • FLEXIBLE: Realising the potential for flexible energy providers
  • INNOVATIVE: Enabling great ideas to flourish

e2m in the UK: Smarter partnerships

To navigate in this new world, we offer bespoke, flexible solutions for our partners, backed up with technological experience and responsiveness to constant change.  Our Virtual Power Plant connects 4,500 technical units and is supported by experience and expertise in trading and flexibility.   

There’s an exciting journey ahead.  Partnering with e2m will ensure benefits are optimised reliably and securely.

Our products

Generation route to market

  • Power purchase agreements (PPA) with multi-year tenor
  • RO supported intermittent & baseload power
  • FiT (Feed in tariff), CFD (Contract for difference), new build projects
  • Index tracking
  • ROC trading  


  • Fixed or flexible power price and non-energy costs
  • Index tracking
  • PPA sleeving agreements and imbalance management



  • Ancillary services and market access
  • Batteries and peaking generation
  • Demand side response
  • Multi-year tolling agreements


  • Individual solutions for generation and consumption portfolios
  • Uninterrupted power supply



  • tüv rheinland
  • bdew
  • dlg
  • biogas
  • watt 2.0