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e2m in the UK

A market in redesign

UK: Smart, connected and low carbon

New value streams for UK´s market participants

The future of the energy system in the UK is smart, connected and low carbon: The complete redesign of the renewable and capacity support mechanisms (Energy Market Reform), restructuring the imbalance markets, huge changes to embedded benefits and massive upheavals created by new technologies such as batteries illustrate some of the changes reverberating around the UK energy industry.

At the same time, the integration of renewables onto the grid, and the evolution of new products for balancing services are having a significant impact on the shape and character of the value chain.

We believe those new systems and participants, both generators and consumers, will need trusted, reliable and innovative partners who can steer them through the revenue options available and help them to extract the maximum value possible. It will be critical for all parties to find experienced players, like e2m, who can offer a range of bankable, optimised solutions that take advantage of all the opportunities presented.

Revenue-optimised solutions with e2m

Trading, flexibility management (ancillary services) and technological experience make e2m an ideal partner in this changing market environment. Our robust and proven virtual power plant technology, with over 3,500 technical units connected, and our thorough understanding of the value chain, as well as the depth of our experience, give a guarantee that your assets and revenues are in safe hands.

Our products

Generation route to market

  • Power purchase agreements (PPA) with multi-year tenor
  • RO supported intermittent & baseload power
  • FiT, CFD new build projects
  • Index tracking
  • ROC trading


  • Fixed or flexible power price and non-energy costs
  • Index tracking
  • PPA sleeving agreements and imbalance management


  • Ancillary services and market access
  • Batteries and peaking generation
  • Demand side response
  • Multi-year tolling agreements


  • Individual solutions for generation and consumption portfolios
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • tüv rheinland
  • bdew
  • dlg
  • biogas
  • watt 2.0