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e2m Flexibility Services: Collaborative. Versatile. Effective.

e2m has been at the forefront of delivering flexibility services since 2012 when we first started to deploy our VPP technology. And there are even more reasons to trust us with your capacities:


Our business model is built around achieving a positive value for both parties, we seek to share profits from the optimisation to ensure our trading and optimisation decisions are aligned with your interests.

We have a history of delivering solutions for customers in bespoke situations, from aggregating micro-flexibilities in domestic and EV systems, to managing grid scale battery projects, we can only do this by understanding the customers objectives and capabilities and then using our VPP to develop and execute a trading strategy. Our constant interaction with our customers has led to a number of firsts:

  • First demonstrated concept for frequency response from biogas
  • First aggregation concept for domestic batteries offering FFR in Germany
  • First certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO IEC 27001 (security & quality)

In the UK we offer FFR, STOR and traded optimisation in the short-term markets as well as non-energy optimisation.


Collaboration leads to innovation leads to versatility. Having been developing our VPP solutions since 2012 we have a wealth of possible solutions to access your flexibility and to enable you participate in the maximum possible number of markets.

Our solutions include:

  • Direct control through a “flexkit” installed on your machine and interfacing with your PLC
  • Server to server integration, where we manage your position in a secure cloud

And we provide access to:

  • Balancing Market
  • Ancillary Services (FFR STOR)
  • Internal Balancing

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So for a simple, honest conversation about how we can maximise your asset returns, contact us.


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