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EDF Local Energy Management

The energy transformation is a global project

We shape the energy turnaround in Europe

EDF defines its future with renewable energies. This is why the Local Energy Management (LEM) division was set up. e2m is part of this Renewables Division since September 2019.

In the field of biogas, e2m uses its market leadership to further improve and expand its capabilities and secure the future of biogas as a generation technology. Furthermore, with e2m as one of the leading marketers for storage technologies in Germany, the focus in the growing storage market is set. The wind and solar sectors, whose progress is also linked to storage technologies, will also be an important part of the strategy in Germany.

Independent of large structures, EDF-LEM brings start-ups and smaller companies on board to jointly build strong infrastructures for the use of decentralised energy and flexibility:

  • EDF Store & Forecast develops and markets intelligent and autonomous control software for operating local electrical systems and optimizing forecasting and energy storage technologies.

  • Agregio also uses a virtual power plant as an aggregator. With the focus in France, Agregio bundles 1,500 MW of generation capacity.

  • With 100 MW of marketed generation capacity, PowerShift is a growing platform for flexibility, optimization and trading in the UK.

  • The joint venture Dreev focuses on integrating electromobility into the energy market.

Over the years, e2m has built a valuable, sustainable competence that is highly valued in the market and by customers. We will now use the synergies of this network to expand our international business with energy marketing and virtual power plants and further develop the IT structures required for it.

We are looking forward now to making important investments in personnel, systems and markets in order to give new impetus to our efforts in the transformation of the energy system.

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