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A strong partnership for long-term success

EDF-LEM joins Energy2market

With a view to promoting the growth path of Energy2market GmbH (e2m) in the international business of market access services and the development of virtual power plants (VPP) the shareholders have held intensive talks with financially strong strategic partners in recent weeks. As a result, the majority shareholder Trailstone UK Ltd. and the founding shareholders have decided to sell 100 percent of the shares in the company to the French EDF Group, one of the leading utility companies in Europe.

The shares are set to be bought by the Group’s own investment holding EDF Pulse Croissance Holding, which acquires shareholdings, in particular, for EDF Local Energy Management (EDF-LEM). Within EDF Group, EDF-LEM is responsible for developing infrastructures for the use of energy and flexibility from decentralised generation and consumption units. This has already resulted in fast-growing start-ups: Agregio, Store and Forecast, Dreev and Powershift. The e2m takeover aims to accelerate the development of EDF Group into an important player in the field of CO2-free and regenerative energies and innovative energy solutions.

This transaction creates an important prerequisite for the implementation of the Leipzig-based aggregator’s ambitious growth objectives in the coming years. In this process, the cooperation with a large European corporation will facilitate the further expansion of the business both in Germany and abroad. The expansion of the IT structures connected with this requires investments in staff, systems and markets. Based on this, additional market potential is to be developed.

Since the general content-based orientation of e2m is in line with the EDF development strategy in this field, it will be accelerated further. “We will continue to concentrate on market access services and the development of virtual power plants”, proudly explains Sevastos Kavanozis, managing director of the successful Leipzig-based company. “Our new owner’s financial strength significantly expands our opportunities to promote our business. As a result, we can expand internationally even more and, in addition, we can, for example, also enter the business of long-term supply contracts.” With this transaction, e2m, which celebrated its 10-year corporate anniversary only a few weeks ago, will establish a strong and sustainable position for itself on the European energy market.

The take-over of e2m is subject to approval by the European competition authorities. The transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2019.

Introduction of the strategic partners

e2m is one of the leading German market access service providers for energy and flexibility from decentralised technical units which are bundled in a specific VPP developed by e2m.

EDF Pulse Croissance Holding is an EDF Group investment company specialising in investing in start-ups and innovative companies in the energy sector.  

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About e2m

As an independent power aggregator, Energy2market specialises in managing and optimising dynamic portfolios, as well as marketing the flexibility provided by decentralised generation and consumption plants. Business operations focus on continuous management on the spot and intraday markets as well as the use of existing physical flexibility for balancing positions, as a trading product or as a system service in the field of balancing energy. With a marketed output of more than 3,500 MW from renewable energy plants, e2m is one of the biggest aggregators and trading service providers in Germany. Moreover, as the biggest balancing power pool provided in Germany, e2m has the necessary infrastructure and market access channels to all German and international trading markets.

The German “Focus” news magazine awarded e2m the title of the “2016 Growth Champion” and, as a result, confirmed the intrinsic value of the e2m business model. As the first energy trading company among the currently pre-qualified balancing energy providers, e2m was certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and ISO IEC 27001 as early as in 2015 – showing e2m as a ground-breaking pioneer in its field yet again.

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