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GDGE provides German know-how for the US energy transition

High-ranking government and business delegation from Minnesota (USA) benefits from exchange with German biogas industry representatives

In late June 2018, a delegation of US senators, professors and business representatives met with leading representatives of GDGE (the association of German green power generators) and Energy2market GmbH (e2m) to discuss the latest technologies and developments in generating and trading biogas. Thanks to the energy transition, Germany has become a global pioneer in the expansion of decentralised renewable energy generation from various sources. Therefore, the exchange of experience focused on joint marketing by cooperatives, as well as the bundling and controlling of such systems in a virtual power plant.

With Minnesota being one of the most agrarian states in the USA, agriculturally based regenerative sources are at the forefront when discussing concepts for the transition to renewable energies. In Germany, biogas today accounts for almost one quarter of renewable energy generated – making it indispensable for the energy supply. Professional advice and support for small generators and farmers – provided, for example, by GDGE as a cooperative – as well as the optimised control of the plants and revenue-optimized trading with an aggregator like e2m facilitated this development. The senators, the representatives of the US business community as well as of the universities consequently want to use this tried, tested and highly successful model to promote the gradual replacement of fossil fuels – and the reduction of CO2 emissions – in the northern USA.

Moreover, the Minnesota representatives were very impressed with the technological maturity of the virtual power plant and the trading capacity: “The high efficiency which can be achieved with biogas plants is impressive”, explained Dr Sabine Engel, Director for International Partnerships, University of Minnesota. “The combination of GDGE advisory services for the agricultural sector and the trading and technology expertise of Energy2market definitely provides revenue-generating momentum for this type of energy generation. It certainly forms an unparalleled and very interesting business model.”

“As a strong association, we are in a much better position to promote our common interests”, added Martin Buchholz, member of the board of GDGE. “In particular, biogas generators who often also operate their agricultural core business can benefit from the support that a cooperative offers.“


“Energy generation must be profitable.” This is the message which Andreas Keil, managing director of Energy2market GmbH, focuses on. “Flexibilised – i.e. remotely controllable - biogas plants are agile generators and, therefore, provide numerous interesting revenue options on the energy trading markets. Moreover, in the long run, the energy transition can only be successful if the investments pay off. Thanks to our admission to all trading markets, as well as the innovative concept of the virtual power plant, we can market the energy generated by the biogas plants almost on an hourly basis  - and optimise revenue as a result.“


GDGE eG -  the Cooperative of German Green Energy Producers:

In January 2011, producers of green energy from all over Germany came together and founded GDGE eG (the Cooperative of German Green Energy Producers). As farmers wishing to preserve their autonomy and independence, the members jointly market the power they produce from biogas, wind and PV systems – since the cooperative offers them the strength they need to establish a sound position for themselves on the power market which is dominated by the large energy corporations. Moreover, GDGE provides competent counselling regarding flexible modes of operation and feed-in in line with demand, in particular for, operators of biogas plants.

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