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1200 decentralized plants ensure system stability on April 14, 2020

Virtual power plant, the future today

This Tuesday, 14 April 2020, the control energy market was in an exceptionally strong state of flux: Within a very short time, a Germany-wide shortfall of 2 GW changed into a surplus of just under 3 GW. This fluctuation of almost 5 GW, resulted among other things, in large SRL call-offs by all four German transmission system operators. A good amount of this demand was covered by the decentralised plants in the virtual power plant of Energy2market (e2m), thus demonstrating their system relevance.

The inventory of e2m contains more than 5,000 generation and consumption plants, of which more than 1,200 decentralized plants were used during the extraordinary event. On the technical side, e2m's virtual power plant has exerted a targeted and reliable influence on the generation behaviour and digitally coordinated the massive call-offs. These were mainly directed at biogas plants which, due to their highly flexible operation, enabled the reliable and short-term provision of the SRL volumes and proved their system relevance.

As the market leader in the marketing of biogas plants - especially flexible plants - e2m would like to thank all participating partners for their lived solidarity. The event also showed how routinely and forward-looking the self-developed Virtual Power Plant reacted in the unforeseeable situation on April 14th and managed the exceptional situation.

On April 14th there were considerable positive and negative call-offs in the secondary reserve market in the period from 6 am to 6 pm.

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