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Umbrella Organisation of the Japanese Energy Industry visits e2m

JEPIC shows its interest in e2m market-access service models and the operation of virtual power plants

On 7th December, a five-member delegation from the Japan Electronic Power Information Center (JEPIC) visited the Leipzig power aggregator and energy trader Energy2market (e2m) and was given comprehensive insights into the e2m business models and its virtual power plant (VPP) – specifically developed and continuously modified by e2m to the requirements of international markets. JEPIC is an umbrella organisation of the Japanese power industry and was set up in 1958.

The Japanese power industry is also facing challenges entailed by a growing number of fluctuating-output renewable energy plants and increasing decentralisation (as well as digitalisation). In view of this situation, the delegation was very interested in the possibility of transferring e2m business models and technical structures to Japan. In Japan, Europe and, in particular, Germany are considered role models in the development, operation and marketing of power generated from renewable sources.  

During the extensive visit (which lasted several hours and included a tour of the 24/7 trading desk and the 24/7 control room), the focus was on e2m’s practical experience in the connection of decentralised generation and consumption plants to the virtual power plant, the integration of renewable energies and the provision of balancing power - as well as the flexibilisation of plants. The members of the delegation were very impressed with the functioning of the VPP, as well as the potential which e2m offers to the operators of decentralised generation plants.

The international activities undertaken by e2m group have confirmed that the infrastructure of the VPP, as well as its role on the market, can also be transferred to other countries. For example, e2m launched business operations in the United Kingdom in October. In the same month, e2m, together with the Finnish energy supplier Savon Voima, announced a strategic VPP technology partnership in the field of demand-side management. One year earlier, e2m established a VPP developed specifically for the Polish market situation (in cooperation with the German Energy Agency). Moreover, there are e2m subsidiaries in Finland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland and Austria.

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Complementary partners for the Fininsh market: Andreas Keil, Sevastos Kavanozis (both e2m) and Arto Sutinen of Savon Voima Group
During a tour of the e2m offices, Marc Uhlig, Manager International Markets, gave the Japanese delegation practical insights into the operation and market-access services for decentralised energy systems.

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