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e2m and Savon Voima announce virtual power plant technology partnership

Savon Voima will be launching an advanced virtual power plant (VPP) together with Energy2market (e2m), one of Europe’s leading Virtual Power Plant operators and a major player in route to energy market services throughout Europe. The partnership between e2m and Savon Voima brings enterprises in Finland easy access to sell flexible power production and consumption to the balancing and reserve markets.

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e2m to expand virtual power plant to UK market

Energy2market GmbH (e2m) is one of Europe’s leading Virtual Power Plant operators and a major player in route to market services throughout Europe. Now, e2m is looking to expand their services to the UK.

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Now also available at home: Grid stability through PBP from small-scale solar power storage systems

The 2017 German Renewables Act (EEG) paved the way for the commercial use of innovative energy storage technologies. In addition to large-scale battery storage power stations and intermediate storage solutions for fluctuating generation technologies, this also includes swarm storage solutions.

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Getting the energy market moving – with expertise and algorithms

At present, power generation is more volatile than ever and trading is increasingly moving into the short-term markets. Today, power can be traded at the power exchange up to five minutes before the start of delivery. As the head of portfolio management, Felix Buchholz, together with this team,analyses the signals from the markets and optimises generation and consumption portfolios – with the aim of generating the highest possible revenue for e2m’s customers. Read our article to find out just how Felix Buchholz does it and which successes he is pleased about.

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Energy industry events

The energy transition in Germany has been an important topic for society as well as business for many years. As a pioneering company, Energy2market has been actively involved in discussions and events in order to maintain direct contact and interworking with the industry.

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e2m is considered an excellent example of new digital business models

Only eight weeks ago, experts from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Bitkom e.V. and the city of Leipzig visited Energy2market GmbH (e2m) in the framework of the “Digital Hub” initiative and learnt about the digital business model of the system integrator and power trader. At the end of April, BMWi selected the cities of Leipzig and Dresden as the sole cluster worthy of support in the field of energy.

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