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Successful VPP Implementation in Poland

Since the autumn of 2015, Energy2markt (e2m) has successfully implemented its tried and tested as well as highly innovative Virtual Power Plant (VPP) on the Polish energy market - with the support of the German Energy Agency (dena). This project was now officially concluded in late November.

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dena and e2m expand first virtual power plant in Poland

Poznań/Berlin/Leipzig, 12th October 2016. With support from Deutsche Energie Agentur (dena) – the German Energy Agency, the Leipzig power marketing expert and VPP operator Energy2market (e2m) has integrated another renewable energy plant into its virtual power plant (VPP) in Poland. This biogas plant with an installed capacity of 1.6 MW is located halfway between Szczecin and Gdańsk and it is exemplary of the increasing integration of decentralised generation plants into the European power market.

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Indian power exchange visits e2m

On 28th September 2016, a delegation with 25 members from the Indian power exchange IEX visited Energy2market GmbH (e2m). In the framework of a tour of Germany, the high-ranking representatives of the power exchange and other Indian energy companies were informed of the operation of the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) by e2m - which is continuously being developed further.

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Using Flexibility throughout Europe

The European energy markets are becoming increasingly integrated. The principles of market models tried and tested in Germany, such as the market premium and direct marketing of renewable energies, are being adopted by neighbouring countries, e.g. France and Poland. This contributes to the harmonisation of European energy policy.


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System-stabilising contribution to control energy

The aims are ambitious: By 2050, the share of renewable energies (RE) in the power supply is targeted to reach at least 80%. In addition to pure power production, RE will also have to make a significant grid-stabilising contribution as regards control energy. As a result, biogas plants (BGP), which are highly flexible even today, have a central role in ensuring the security of supply.

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