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Powerful storage systems

An important component for stabilising the grids in the future

Large-scale storage systems – Ready for the flexibility market

As a result of the growing share of fluctuating energy profiles on both the generation and consumption sides, storage systems are increasing in importance to the grid. They can offer the option of decoupling generation and consumption in terms of time and, hence, they offer numerous applications for generators and consumers.

Marketing individual flexibility

e2m offers storage system operators the option of bringing the individual flexibility of the storage facilities to market in a price-optimised manner. To enable this, the plants are connected to the Virtual Power Plant of e2m (VPP), which in turn, is directly linked to the trading and control energy markets. 

At present, various types of storage systems are marketed through the Virtual Power Plant, including pumped storage, battery storage, small battery arrays and process storage.


e2m services:

  • Optimised storage deployment
  • Flexibility trading on traditional and balancing energy markets
  • Load control (e-mobility)
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