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e2m Supply Services in the UK: Transparent. Simple. Flexible.

e2m offer flexible and fixed price power contracts for half hourly metered business customers.

In choosing e2m for your supply contract you are partnering with one of Europe’s largest specialized traders, aggregators and suppliers. We don’t just view supply as an end to itself, it is a part of a whole suite of tools that we look at with a view to reducing your energy costs and improving your green credentials…. So why choose e2m for your supply contract?


We break down everything and show you what makes up your bill.  Doing this helps you to have confidence that our bills are accurate and to spot issues with other areas in your energy value chain. Perhaps your capacity is underutilised, perhaps your MOP contract needs a review, maybe you could benefit from onsite supply, if your bill splits these out, at least you can see them.              


At e2m we pride ourselves on our ability to make energy management truly straightforward for our business partners.  We strive for simple process, simple billing and simple pricing. 


Pick and mix, we think pass-through contracts on non energy costs are great, it is an approach that means everything is transparent, and we don't have to charge risk premiums on things like TNUoS, or DUoS or FiT, thus saving you money. It also gives us greater freedom to look at areas where we can help you to reduce these costs. However, we appreciate that doesn’t always fit with our customers risk appetite and if you prefer to fix some or all of these, we will happily price that too. We are able to advise on EII, energy saving and onsite generation.  

We also offer flexible price fixing throughout your contract, enabling you to fix the price of all, part or none of your energy use.  This means you can manage your costs in a way that suits your risk and consumption needs.


At e2m we can offer technology enabled supply.  If you are a very large or flexible consumer you can benefit from our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology.  This provides flexibility services to the National Grid and Energy Markets.  Our real time, 24/7 monitoring of your consumption position, coupled with our access to the flexibility markets can save you money or earn you income.  This is incorporated into our standard contract so there is no extra paperwork or inconvenience. See here [link to flexibility services] for more details of how we operate flexibility services.

Sleeved PPA  

Renewable energy generated from the independent power plant (IPP) can be virtually supplied to industrial or commercial user, this sleeved contract is facilitated by e2m to offer a back to back sleeving supply agreement between all parties. E2m supply power to the I&C end user with Guarantee of Origin (GoOs).

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Contact Neil Dawson for an initial conversation on how working with e2m might benefit your business or fill in the following form:

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